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Art Direction, Content Strategy, Illustration, Design, Production
This project was a complete overhaul of both content and design of TU Magazine. The resulting publication was a huge success garnering praise from TU students, faculty, and alumni. 
Redesigned cover and interior of Towson University magazine by Emilee Beeson.
Rebuilding the magazine from the ground up.

This wasn't just a redesign, it was a complete reimagining. We started by collaborating with TU's internal team to build a wireframe of the new layout. This allowed us to iterate quickly and ultimately acted as a guide to define the new sections, page size, text size, page count, and word count. We also developed moodboards and sample designs that helped us determine a design direction that would be applied to the rest of the magazine. Taking these steps helped us to get buy-in from all of the decision makers before digging in to designing the full publication. 
Wireframe designs of the Towson University Magazine redesign by Emilee Beeson.
Designed to be handed off.

After this initial issue we would be handing over the reigns to TU's internal design team to produce future issues. The anchor pages of the magazine have a cohesive design approach using limited colors and typography. Many anchor pages were built on a flexible grid that could accommodate content of different lengths in future issues. The file was built with clean structures and styles that would help to set design standards that would stay with the magazine as it passed through the hands of many designers. 
Interior spread of the Towson University Magazine redesign by Emilee Beeson.
Bespoke illustrations by yours truly.

We knew that in the future TU would have the ability to contract illustrators. But for this issue I stepped in to create portrait illustrations, map illustrations, editorial illustrations, infographics, and icons for the entire issue. 
Portrait illustration Towson University Magazine athletes by Emilee Beeson.
Map illustration of New York City for Towson University Magazine by Emilee Beeson.
Captivating feature stories.

While the majority of the magazine stayed in line with the TU brand, we set a precedent that the feature sections should reflect the stories they told. 
Feature article design in Towson University Magazine by Emilee Beeson.
Feature article design in Towson University Magazine by Emilee Beeson.
Here are some highlights from a section of the next issue that featured feedback that was sent in about the redesign:

"I would like to compliment you and your staff on the redesign of TU Magazine. I literally read it cover to cover. The article on Baltimore’s craft beer companies and the influence of TU alumni was fascinating. The high quality of the writing and photography make this publication something to be proud of. I graduated from TSU in 1968 and my wife in 1969. TU Magazine has been a good way for us to stay in touch with our alma mater so we are really pleased with what you have done. And by the way, the TU logo is great. Now I need to get a T-shirt with the new logo."
"The new magazine looks really great and the content was on point. Well done, congrats to all involved."
"I received and read the latest TU Magazine. Congratulations on the redesign. The layout is great and the texture updated but the content was a marked improvement too. Great execution. Congratulations on the success."

Shared Success.
I worked as the lead designer on this project and was heavily involved in every stage of its development and production but I also want to acknowledge my collaborators at Mission and TU who contributed as well! 

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